After registering at the control point, we will walk about an hour along a trail to arrive at a canal which connects to Sandoval Lake

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DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 8:15 AM for a prompt departure at 8:30 AM.
RETURN TIME Approximately 6:30 PM.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Transportation Canoe at the Lake
Guiding lunch
Rubber boots Meals
extra drinks




8.30 AM – 9.30 AM: Transportation

 Sandoval Lake Tours , We will begin the excursion with our breakfast at the hostel at 7:00am. Then we will walk five minutes to the dock of the river “Madre de Dios” where our boat and motorist will take us down the river, crossing over the Tambopata River. After an hour in the river we will arrive at the entrance of the Tambopata National Reserve. After registering at the control point, we will walk about an hour along a trail to arrive at a canal which connects to Sandoval Lake. Then we will travel via canoe, rowing around the lake and enjoying to the max and getting the most out of our time there. We continue rowing around the edge of this beautiful lake, full of wildlife: incredible insects, small birds and very large exotic, colorful ones. We will observe monkeys in their natural habitat, eating, playing, sleeping, or simply jumping fromTour Sandoval Lake tree to tree. There is also a family of giant river otters living in Lake Sandoval. There are very few of them left in Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru and this is one of the few places where we can observe a group of eight of them – almost always looking for fish to eat. According to statistics there is a 60 percent chance of seeing them during a one day visit to the Lake. We also have the chance to observe black caimans which live in the lake. Although night time is the ideal time to observe them when they are most active, we can also find them during the day.  Well, now that I’ve told you what the lake is like and what we can see Tour Sandoval Lakeduring the day visit, we will continue toward the home of a local family that lives within the reserve. They will greet us with a delicious lunch – a traditional meal prepared wrapped in a leaf from the jungle to seal in flavor, accompanied by a typical drink. Then, after resting, we can return to the Lake to go swimming (there is only one part of the lake where it is permitted to swim and it is very safe to do so). Then we will continue our journey through the lake, enjoying the view of not just the animals that we can see, but also the gorgeous view that we have of the Lake. We will be back in Puerto at around 6pm – we could always leave a little earlier or a little later as needed. This is an Unforgetable Sandoval Lake tours.

Sandoval lake tours:

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August 21, 2015

The entire staff is really nice. The food was some of the best we had in Peru. The activities were fun and informative. With the lodge being surrounded by the amazon, the open-air room was awesome and allows you to sleep to the sounds of the amazon. Definitely recommend!

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